Your Safety

When I replace or repair your windshield, or perform any other service regarding your vehicle, I treat it as though my wife and five grandchildren will be riding in it. We’ve been married 42 years, and I wouldn’t want to lose her or my grandchildren through someone’s faulty or careless workmanship.

I know you feel the same about your loved ones and I will be just as careful and meticulous with your car as I am with mine. You can be assured that safety for you and your loved ones is my first concern. I want to sleep well at night.

Whether it’s a rock chip that needs repairing or a windshield that needs replacing, I am up-to-date on the manufacturer’s requirements to make your car or truck safe.


I don’t cut corners. If I do poor work, you won’t call me again nor will you recommend me to others, I depend on both. That’s another reason I have chosen to stay independent, because then I can control the quality of the work as well as be more flexible to your schedule. It also gives me the confidence to give you a Lifetime Guarantee!


Don’t just shop for the lowest price, shop for safety

A windshield isn’t just a piece of glass to look through and keep the bugs out of your teeth. Today’s modern vehicle is a structural marvel and the windshield has become an integral part of that structure. It’s designed to add strength and support to body of the car in the event of a (hope-it-never-happens) accident or rollover. It helps keep that part of the car from collapsing on you. Believe it or not, they have found that glass can be stronger than steel – so if it isn’t installed correctly – the structural integrity is lost. Your windshield also acts as a backstop for the airbag in the event that it deploys. So if it is not installed correctly the air bag may not work as designed.



NGA Certified Technicia

That means the job I do will always be of the highest quality. An NGA certification means I passed strict testing on windshield installation the way the manufacturer did, thus assuring you that the original safety standards on your vehicle are maintained. Always make sure that the shop you choose is NGA certified.


Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has to invite a company to be a member, you can’t buy your way in.

“I have been a member since 2000 and have maintained an A+ rating. You can see the details by clicking HERE for the BBB Report.

According to the BBB, their number one complaint is the auto glass industry because of poor workmanship and customer dissatisfaction. Visibly, a poor quality job can look like a good one…until it rains, or you get in an accident. Then what? The safety of you and your family is involved. Rather than taking chances with others, you can rely upon me to deliver an excellent job, and expect to be satisfied with the results. Make sure the shop you choose has a good BBB rating.



I have been the owner operator of Wind-Tech for 35 years. Because of my NGA certification I am qualified to work on all luxury, domestic, and foreign vehicles as well as commercial vehicles ranging from standard delivery vehicles to semi-trucks.

I have attended many training seminars, and trade shows, as well as review current trade publications to keep up-to-date in the glass industry. This ensures that my skills and knowledge keep up with the ever changing technology of window design including its electronics, and to keep the quality of my work up to the highest standards. This guarantees the job will be done properly and safely the first time.

I am also a pioneer in long crack repairs, something very few, if any shops will do.


Lifetime Guarantee!

And what if I have a problem?

If anything goes wrong with the job I do for you, i.e., a water leak, or molding that comes loose or flies off, etc., I will come out immediately and take care of it at no cost to you for as long as you own your car.

Most shops, even if they send out a mobile unit the first time, will not come back to fix their mistakes, they will make you come into their shop. That can take a big chunk out of your day. I don’t mistreat my customers that way. If any warranty work needs to be done, I come to your location just as I did the first time and fix the problem, at no charge to you.

Since I don’t want to come back to fix any mistakes, I do the job right the first time.

However, it’s not a perfect world and unforeseen things happen. If there is a problem just call me and I’ll be out as quick as possible. No run-arounds, no delays. If I happen to be in the middle of installing a windshield on someone else’s vehicle, just leave a message. I always return calls as soon as possible.


Glass Quality

Other shops will tell you they only use original equipment glass because it’s better (and higher priced). This is a deceptive practice because it implies that if you don’t buy their glass you will be getting inferior or seconds somewhere else.

This is NOT true! Ninety nine percent of car manufacturers don’t make their own glass; they have it made by an aftermarket company who then just stamp the auto company’s name on it (Honda, Toyota, etc). This is because all glass sold in the USA, imported or not, is regulated by the Federal Government and has to meet strict standards for safety and quality.

So, all glass, no matter what brand, will be exactly the same as what came on your car and fits perfectly… down to the last detail. That’s why we all buy our glass from the same suppliers. BUT, if you want the original dealer glass, I can get it for you, no problem.

I look forward to serving you.


If your windshield has the lane departure warning system or the collision alert system (some cars it is called eye site) then the manufacture recommends that you use OEM glass and that you recalibrate these features after your windshield is installed.  For your safety recalibration should be done ASAP. This means within days, not weeks or months. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

If you choose the option to have an aftermarket windshield installed, it has been found that sometimes these safety features cannot be recalibrated. That is why the manufacture recommends using OEM glass.

Some dealers won’t even attempt to recalibrate these features if an OEM windshield is not used. Even though aftermarket windshields are required to meet the same specifications as OEM.

It would be best to call your dealer first to see if they will recalibrat an aftermarket windshiled before you choose this option

If aftermarket glass is used, Wind-Tech,LLC assumes no liability if recalibration is not successful. Meaning, either the dealer won’t do it, or if it is done, it won’t recalibrate.

With that said, I have installed many aftermarket windshileds with these features and to date no one has called me back with a problem.

If an OEM or aftermarket windshield is installed and you choose not to recalibrate your safety features for whatever reason, this doesn’t mean that these features won’t work but they may not work as intended.

If after driving your car you notice that these features work as before then it would be up to you to decide if you want to have them calibrated.

Wind-Tech,LLC assumes no liability whether calibration is done or not.