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Expert Auto Glass Services with a Personal Touch | Your Family's Safety Matters to Us

FamilyAt Wind-Tech, we prioritize your family’s safety above all else. When it comes to windshield replacements, repairs, or any other vehicle service, we treat your car as if our own loved ones will be riding in it. Our meticulous workmanship ensures that you won’t have to worry about the risks of faulty or careless repairs.

Just like you, we understand the importance of protecting your loved ones. That’s why we extend the same level of care and attention to detail to your vehicle as we do to our own. Rest assured, safety is our top priority, and we strive to provide peace of mind for both you and ourselves.

Whether it’s a windshield replacement or a door glass repair, we stay up-to-date with the latest manufacturer requirements to ensure your car or truck remains safe and compliant.

As a family-owned and operated auto glass repair business, we have proudly served the Seattle community and surrounding areas for 38 years. Our commitment to exceptional service and unwavering integrity has driven our business growth.

Choose Wind-Tech for all your auto glass repair needs and experience the dedication and expertise that sets us apart.

Uncompromising Workmanship for Lasting Results | Independent and Quality-Focused

When it comes to my workmanship, I refuse to cut corners. I understand that the quality of my work directly impacts your satisfaction and the likelihood of you recommending my services to others. Both aspects are crucial to my success. That’s why I have chosen to remain independent, allowing me to have full control over the quality of the work performed, as well as offer greater flexibility to accommodate your schedule. This independence gives me the confidence to provide you with a Lifetime Guarantee, standing behind the durability and longevity of my work.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results, I prioritize the finest craftsmanship in every service I provide. By upholding the highest standards, I ensure that your trust in me is well-founded, and your experience is nothing short of outstanding.

Choose my services, and rest assured that I will never compromise on the quality of my work. Experience the difference that uncompromising workmanship can make for your auto glass needs.”

Prioritize Safety over Price: Choose Wisely for Your Windshield

When it comes to selecting a windshield, it’s essential to look beyond just the price tag and prioritize your safety. Today’s modern vehicles are engineering marvels, and the windshield plays a vital role in the structural integrity of your car. It’s not merely a piece of glass to peer through or keep pesky bugs away. Rather, it serves as a crucial component, designed to enhance strength and provide support to the vehicle’s body, particularly in the unfortunate event of an accident or rollover. Its proper installation ensures that this integral structural function remains intact, preventing potential collapse and protecting you inside the vehicle.

It may surprise you to learn that glass can be stronger than steel, further emphasizing the significance of correct installation. A poorly installed windshield compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle, putting your safety at risk. Moreover, your windshield acts as a backstop for the airbag system, ensuring its effective deployment in an emergency. However, if the windshield is not correctly installed, the airbag may fail to function as designed, further jeopardizing your safety.

Remember, when it comes to your windshield, make a choice that prioritizes safety above all. Invest in professional installation and ensure your peace of mind on the road. Don’t compromise your well-being for a bargain; safeguard yourself and your loved ones with a securely installed windshield.”

Better Business Bureau: 5* BBB, Google & Yelp rating - Trustworthy Business Practices

Did you know that the auto glass industry tops the list of complaints received by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Poor workmanship and customer dissatisfaction are recurring issues that can have serious consequences. While a shoddy job may appear satisfactory at first glance, it’s during rainy days or unfortunate accidents that its true quality is revealed. At that critical moment, the safety of you and your loved ones hangs in the balance. Rather than taking unnecessary chances with other providers, you can confidently rely on me to deliver an exceptional job that exceeds your expectations. Your safety and satisfaction are my utmost priorities.

When selecting an auto glass shop, it is vital to consider their BBB rating. A good BBB rating signifies a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a reputable professional, I take pride in maintaining a positive BBB rating, giving you the assurance that you’re making the right choice for your auto glass needs.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety and the well-being of your family. Trust in my expertise and experience to provide outstanding results and unmatched customer service. Ensure the shop you choose aligns with your standards by verifying their BBB rating.

Make the smart choice and put your trust in a reliable professional who prioritizes your safety and satisfaction above all else.

Unmatched Assurance with our Lifetime Guarantee!

What if an issue arises? Rest assured, if anything goes awry with the job I perform for you – such as a water leak or loose or detached molding – I will promptly address it at no cost to you, ensuring your complete satisfaction for as long as you own your vehicle.

Unlike most shops that may require you to visit their location for warranty work, I prioritize your convenience and value your time. If any warranty-related repairs are needed, I will come to your preferred location, just as I did during the initial service, sparing you the hassle of disrupting your day. My commitment to exceptional customer care means that I do not subject my valued clients to unnecessary inconveniences.

My goal is to deliver unparalleled workmanship the first time, eliminating the need for any return visits. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise even in the best of situations. In such cases, simply give me a call, and I will swiftly attend to the matter. No run-arounds, no delays. If I am occupied with installing a windshield on another vehicle when you call, kindly leave a message, and I will promptly return your call.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our lifetime guarantee. I am dedicated to resolving any issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our service.

Superior Glass Quality, Guaranteed

Let’s clarify the truth about glass quality. Some shops may claim that they exclusively use original equipment glass, implying that anything else would be subpar or inferior. However, this is a deceptive practice aimed at justifying higher prices.

The reality is that nearly all car manufacturers do not manufacture their own glass. Instead, they rely on aftermarket companies to produce it, simply stamping their own brand names on the glass. This is done because all glass sold in the USA, regardless of origin, must meet stringent safety and quality standards mandated by the Federal Government.

Therefore, rest assured that all glass, regardless of the brand, is precisely the same as the one originally installed on your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. We all source our glass from the same trusted suppliers who meet these stringent regulations. However, if you prefer the original dealer glass, I can readily provide it for you without any issues.

At Wind-Tech, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety above all else. Our commitment to superior glass quality guarantees that you receive nothing but the best for your vehicle. It would be our pleasure to serve you and provide exceptional service tailored to your needs.

Looking forward to assisting you,


If your windshield has the lane departure warning system or the collision alert system (some cars it is called eye site) then the manufacture recommends that you use OEM glass and that you recalibrate these features after your windshield is installed.  For your safety recalibration should be done ASAP. This means within days, not weeks or months. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

If you choose the option to have an aftermarket windshield installed, it has been found that sometimes these safety features cannot be recalibrated. That is why the manufacture recommends using OEM glass.

Some dealers won’t even attempt to recalibrate these features if an OEM windshield is not used. Even though aftermarket windshields are required to meet the same specifications as OEM.

It would be best to call your dealer first to see if they will recalibrat an aftermarket windshiled before you choose this option

If aftermarket glass is used, Wind-Tech,LLC assumes no liability if recalibration is not successful. Meaning, either the dealer won’t do it, or if it is done, it won’t recalibrate.

With that said, I have installed many aftermarket windshileds with these features and to date no one has called me back with a problem.

If an OEM or aftermarket windshield is installed and you choose not to recalibrate your safety features for whatever reason, this doesn’t mean that these features won’t work but they may not work as intended.

If after driving your car you notice that these features work as before then it would be up to you to decide if you want to have them calibrated.

Wind-Tech,LLC assumes no liability whether calibration is done or not.