Insurance Tips

You have two deductibles:

1. Comprehensive which can range from $50-and up

2. Liability ranges from $500-and up

Auto glass falls under the Comprehensive part of your insurance coverage.

Your deductible might be lower than you think, so check your policy or call your agent to find out.

Your insurance company will not cancel your policy or raise your rates for repairing your glass, because it is considered a no-fault claim. You can’t prevent a rock from hitting you, a tree from falling on you, or vandalism. If you have concerns, call your agent to put your mind at ease.

For a rock Chip repair, most insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay for the repair in full, making it FREE to you. It is cheaper for the them to do that than pay hundreds of dollars later for a windshield replacement, because a chip that’s ignored quickly grows into a crack that’s beyond repair and then a more costly windshield replacement will be needed.

In the case of a windshield replacement, you will pay the amount of your deductible and the insurance company takes care of the rest. The deductible on the Comprehensive part of your auto insurance may be as low as $50. Call your agent or check your policy to find out.

You should know:
All insurance companies no longer take their own claims, but instead hire a third party to do it for them. Interestingly, these third parties are also in the glass replacement business – like the fox guarding the chicken coop.

You might assume you are speaking to your insurance company, but in fact, you are most likely speaking to an operator at a telephone call center owned and operated by a large retail auto glass replacement company. They will try to steer you to one of their local glass shops, or imply that you won’t be covered by their warranty if you go elsewhere. This is not true!

The law is on your side and you have rights:
Washington state law says you are free to choose any shop you want and these third parties know this. You just have to tell them you have a shop already picked out and they will have to abide by that. Don’t let them intimidate you!

I work with all insurance companies. So use your insurance to repair or replace your windshield.

Here is what to do:
Call the claims number on the back of your insurance card. Follow the voice prompt that should say “Glass Only Claim.” This takes you to that third party. The operator will take your information.

They will ask for your policy number and the date the chip/crack happened. This is not critical as any date will do.

Tell them you have a shop picked out to do the work and give them this information:

1. Wind-Tech Auto Glass

2. My phone number: (206) 786-0144

With those two pieces of information they will be able pull up all my information as I am the preferred provider for them.

After you are done, they will automatically send me a fax or email with a claim number with which to bill them. Then we can set a day and time to take care of your car. We can also set the time before you call them if you wish.

And that’s it!